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For us, the most gruelling part of the release of a new collection is always being able to first answer some important questions, on which both co-founders need to agree (not always an easy or pleasant process). 

Why this specific design or feature, and not one of the hundreds of other sketches and options created during our research- and design phase? Why would this direction have the most meaning or add the most value for those of you that have supported VERK in the past? And why now?

What we knew for certain is that we had a set of three criteria that had to be met. First, to stay true to the form factor of ETT, our first collection. Second, to explore if we in any way could create an even more minimalist interpretation of it. Finally, to see if we could carry a deeper meaning that we felt would echo many of the ideas of the VERK community during the previous year.

In the end, the result was a one-handed, 24 hour Swiss movement and dial that connects to many of the thoughts we feel are prevalent within our own lives today. The increased stress of hectic, modern life needs to be overshadowed by our own reminders of a slower, big-picture approach where each second is valued without us becoming a slave to time. With TVÅ, we carry with us a memento that what matters most is not where we need to be or what we need to do each second, but the 24 valuable hours which we in fact own and do not own us. 

With TVÅ, we aim at a slower, more deliberate, more intentional approach to time. We hope you feel the same. 

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Presenting collection ETT, the Swedish word for one. Made in Germany using a Swiss two-hand complication and designed in our Stockholm studio to be a carefully considered hybrid of past and present.

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