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Swedish Quality

Swedish Quality

VERK is proud to be featured in SQ Magazine, an online publication focused on premier Swedish brands. Included in the feature was an interview with co-founder and creative director, Ben Elias:

"Each VERK piece is to be a testament to the most important lessons drawn from decades of minimalist Scandinavian design. We are obsessed with the marriage of simplicity and function when it comes to the products we use and the things we wear, and we simply could not find a watch at this price point that we felt would fill that criteria. We strongly feel that anybody that comes into contact with a VERK timepiece will almost instantly understand the underlying quality in craftsmanship and effort taken to produce it.

The word “VERK” is a Swedish term that refers to the end result of someones efforts. It is a reference to an obsessive approach to quality construction and design, resulting in what we believe is a very special end product. Like everything else surrounding the product, the name emanates from our values surrounding quality."

Read the article here

Read the interview here

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Ben Elias Editor in chief

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