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Where do the things we wear come from? Where and how are they made? Who is responsible for each step of the process? One of the main reasons for the existence of VERK is that we seldom could find the origin of the watches we found aesthetically interesting - something we sought to change.

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It all begins in our Stockholm studio

Every object, every VERK, begins its journey in our Stockholm studio. Countless prototypes are produced in a patient process where excess and millimeters are shaved off with each iteration. As we obsessively experiment with materials, colours, combinations and textures we draw closer and closer until an absolute balance is found. Then and only then are we ready to move on.

A search for the right raw materials

Thoughtful objects are made using thoughtful materials. Our sourcing process is a diligent search for individual components and leading craftsmen around the world.

Our movements are made by world renowned Swiss manufacturer Ronda. Our full grain leather is made by a third-generation tannery in Tuscany, and our steel mesh straps are produced in collaboration with the fourth-generation German based STAIB. Our packaging is produced locally in Stockholm, using sustainable materials. 316L steel, a copper dial, enhanced PVD coating, a sapphire crystal lens - the list is long and deliberate when it comes to our search for the right raw materials.

Assembled by hand in Germany

The journey continues with our components being carefully and individually hand assembled in the city of Pforzheim. Our manufacturing partner, established 1936, draws on decades of precise German engineering experience to complete our pieces in a detailed technical process.

From setting the movement, to adjusting the dial, to balancing the hands and a careful calibration for water resistance and pressure - everything is done in the most meticulous way possible.

Packaged in our Stockholm studio

The journey ends, appropriately, where it began. As mentioned, each watch is returned to us for a final 18 step quality control procedure in Stockholm before being individually packaged and shipped to you. With this, our hope is to create a special bond between you and that which we consider a most personal, considered purchase - a timepiece, a VERK.

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